Concept Development

We create concepts from the development of an idea, through its planning and the realization of it. We keep our goals up-to-date and with much love to the detail, we deliver innovative ideas and solutions and bring them into a structured form ready for presentation.

Project Management

Thanks to years of experiences in project management and the specific use of our broad network. We are able to execute amazing projects with different partners and associates in the fields of event engineering, technology, catering & production for our customers. As an interface between customers and service providers it is our ambition to build a strong team for your concerns needs.

Location Scouting

We scout the best and most adequate locations for any event. Through this process, we enjoy exploring and discovering our local environments, finding new, relevant spaces for our clients and for their respective target audiences.


In commission of our customers, we work innovative, visionary and cost efficient, while we realize the planned ideas. The results range from all kind of sizes and complexity - we can make everything from an oversized lipstick out of ice to a complete makeover of a whole location.

Personnel Service

We maintain an in-house database of a selection of experienced promoters, hostesses, hands, and trainers. We put emphasis on a customer-oriented and sympathetic appearance, an independent and motivated work mindset as well as sportiness and team spirit. Due to our close connection to the temporary employment agency ‘Olaf Zern‘ we are able to recruit and also provide suitable staff in the short, medium and long term.


Being able to take and share real-time event photos sparks guests’ excitement and helps in quickly spreading buzz of the event or project outward, through all relevant social media channels.

We work together with professional photographers and create an individual look for every setup.
Branding is implemented in a creative and sensible manner, guaranteeing brand awareness and recognition in each photo.
Our software is individually adaptable and offers simple and fast handling.

…and much more