Berlin / Warsaw / Munich / Hamburg

On behalf of Netflix International B.V. we lead the project management, production, staff service and implementation, in January and February 2018, for the NETFLIX.DE exclusive series "Altered Carbon" in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The kick-off for our promotional tour was the Dandy Diary “Millenium Party” during Berlin Fashion Week. In the impressive THE REED Space in Berlin Mitte, invited guests were able to experience the “Altered Carbon” campaign up close. In the so-called "sleeves" of the series, they were photographed in our photo station by professional photographers and received their individualized sleeve motif. Three tanks filled with water, in which the main character of the series (silicone bodies) were floating, were an absolute highlight during the party.

After the kick-off the tanks moved for a few days and caused a sensation at the Sony Center Berlin and later at the ETHOS Galery in Warsaw.

Inspired by the success of the photo booth at the Dandy Diary BFW Party, we rededicated the booth to Stachus Passagen in Munich. At the same time our three tanks were real eye catcher at the Europa Passagen in Hamburg.


Netflix International B.V.




Concept Development, Project Management, Production, Personnel Service, Photostation


Julia Schoierer