In the course of the Snipes with PlayStation collaboration, we took over the complete conception, the project management and the implementation for our customer SNIPES SE for a POS installation in the new designed Berlin Alexanderplatz flagship store.

Inspired by the campaign video and the collaboration, we developed a customized idea to highlight the collection and products.
We had the idea to take elements used in the campaign video such as light tubes und running lights and turn the already existing mannequin island in a blue Snipes with PlayStation world. The mannequin island was surrounded by an individually manufactured profile which was used as frame for the running lights. On those running lights we had the campaign claim “Level Up” running in a continuous loop.

Another highlight was a custom-made post on which we placed the brand new PlayStation 5. The post included a light tube, mirrors inside and a turntable on top for a turning 360° view on the PS5 which was also secured by an acrylic cover.


Snipes SE




Concept Development, Project Management, Production